Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions seem to be all the rage today, enabling women everywhere to sport fuller, thicker looking lashes that emanate a natural-looking beauty. Providing women with a look of “already having applied makeup” immediately when they roll out of bed, eyelash extension products are becoming an increasingly popular purchase for women of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’re considering eyelash extensions as part of your beauty regime this year, you probably have a few questions. We’re here to answer them.

Lash Extensions 101

What kinds of lash extensions are available to you today? How long do they last? Can everyone get eyelash extensions? Let’s dive deeper.

  1. What Kind of Eyelash Extensions Are Available Today?

Eyelash extensions are typically made of mink, sable, faux mink, silk, cashmere, or synthetic acrylic materials today. These lashes then come with a range of curl options, helping you to match them to your natural eyelash appearance so nothing looks unnatural. 

  1. How Long Does It Take to Put On Eyelash Extensions?

The first appointment in which you receive your eyelash extensions will take close to 2-hours. Touch-ups are recommended every two to three weeks to ensure every lash is positioned perfectly on your face. The touch-ups last about 45-minutes to 1-hour. Lashes ranging in size from 6 to 18 millimeters are attached, one by one, to the base of your eyelash line.

  1. Are Eyelash Extensions Expensive?

Although the initial cost may seem alarming at first, do note that eyelash extensions save you money on mascara and eyeliner products, as well as 30-minutes of preparation in the morning. Expect to spend about $150 to $350 for a full set of lash extensions, and then about $75 per touch up.

Do note: you can always receive a partial set if you want to cut costs but still enjoy the benefits of some eyelash extensions.

  1. How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Considering you naturally lose your lash every 6 to 8-weeks, you can expect the same for your lash extensions. Therefore, the whole maintenance of lash extensions can cost about $250-$400 per month.

  1. Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Although it can feel odd having tweezers that close to the base of your eye, nothing about the eyelash extension application process should make you uncomfortable or hurt in any manner. It is advised to go to experts/professionals for this kind of service so they don’t accidentally damage your natural lash underlying the new lash extensions.

Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

If you have the budget and time for an appointment once or twice per month, we highly recommend investing in natural eyelash extensions. You will immediately notice a change in your appearance that you won’t ever be able to let go. Nothing is more gorgeous than natural beauty, and that’s exactly what lash extension products can do for you.


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